DIAGNOdent Hand-held Caries Detection Pen

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The same accurate, reliable caries detection aid in hand-held form!

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The DIAGNOdent pen is a hand-held laser caries detection aid that provides the same high detection accuracy as the DIAGNOdent. Sub-surface caries lesions can be extremely difficult to detect using an explorer.
Prospective usage:

  • Ideal for dental offices that already use the DIAGNOdent and would like to have the added mobility of the hand-held unit
  • Ideal for dentists to confirm the precise location of the lesion prior to restorative incipient caries treatment following an initial exam by the dental hygienist.

How the DIAGNOdent Works

How the DIAGNOdent works DIAGNOdent|Pen DD_fuction - KaVo DentalThe DIAGNOdent hand-held caries detection operates at a wavelength of 655 nm. At this specific wavelength, clean healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence, resulting in very low scale readings on the display. However, carious tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of caries, resulting in elevated scale readings on the display of the DIAGNOdent, enabling the practitioner to provide a more accurate dental caries treatment plan.

An audio signal allows the operator to hear changes in the scale values. This enables the focus to be on the patient, not solely on the device.
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