KaVo Electric Handpiece Collection

Electric handpieces are now the paradigm in handpiece instrumentation. An increasing number of U.S. dentists are considering this shift in technology, and with good reason.

Users have found that electric driven handpieces are smoother and quieter with consistently high torque regardless of load through the entire speed range. Most importantly, beyond smooth concentric cutting, users have noted more precise margins and defined contours with less effort in less time. Simply, performance and results are amazing.

The KaVo electric collection Featuring the COMFORTdrive 200 XDR, KaVo’s most innovative high speed ever. Also featuring the award winning GENTLEpower 25LPR high-speed, 20LP attachment and INTRA LUX heads for a wide range of applications. Featuring the new EXPERTmatic E25L high-speed with ceramic bearings and EXPERTmatic handpieces with integrated low speed heads. Featuring the exciting INTRAmatic 23ES high-speed with innovative design and legendary KaVo durability.
KaVo has been the worldwide leader in electric motors and handpieces for over 20 years and continues to set the standard in this category.

Join KaVo, and see for yourself why KaVo is the #1 handpiece company.

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