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KaVo, a world innovator in dentistry, thrives on its 100 year legacy of introducing high-tech solutions for the dental marketplace. Creating maximum comfort for patients, and precise, safe and ergonomic products that save dentists time and money is the essence of KaVo development.

The most innovative high-speed ever!

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Precise Performance Precise cutting and smoother preparations.

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KaVo Launches TryKaVo.com

Home|News TryKaVo_news_3 - KaVo DentalFree, Easy, KaVo!
TryKaVo.com allows you to try KaVo handpieces free of charge for 5 days.

You can order your KaVo handpiece online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now there's nothing between you and the KaVo Handpiece you want to try.


Home|News led - KaVo DentalKaVo MULTI LED - The Dawn of Perfect Illumination
KaVo presents cutting-edge LED technology for your handpieces. MULTI LED is an easy, fast and affordable upgrade for your KaVo MULTIflex coupler. Experience the Dawn of Perfect Illumination in your operatory.

KaVo Canada Lab Relocation

Home|News lab_handpiece_closing - KaVo DentalEffective February 25, 2011. In continuation with the KaVo and Pelton & Crane integration, we are relocating our KaVo Canada - Lab Division to our Charlotte, North Carolina Center of Excellence on Friday February 25, 2011. The service and repair of equipment will remain in Canada. Click here to find a list of FAQ and contact numbers.

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